Thursday, September 8, 2016

PewDiePie: Legend of the Brofist 2015 | Video game Review

The most subscribed YouTube gamer has made a new app, PewDiePie: Legend of the Brofist; he has teamed up with Outerminds to create this game where you can play as Felix of course; Marzia; or play as one of his amazing friends who all have their own little companions who help out when they need an extra life. The aim of the game is to defeat barrels and then progress to defeat Barrel King.

Target audience
Mostly young, (7 years and older), basically anyone who would know about PewDiePie and have an phone which can access an app store with the game. Social classes C1-E. Self actualization on Maslow’s hierarchy of needs. No specific gender or race.
Issues raised with the audience can include the pricing of the app (£3.99), where many complained that it should be free but with the amount of work and own money that went into produce this game they need to get something back out of it. There’s also the never-ending argument of “oh look at how much they earn just by uploading videos of themselves online” – this is a very problematic title they earn for being different and not having “normal jobs” like the rest of us. Their earnings are based from who watches an advert (which is only harder when quite a few of us would have ad blockers) to view their content as well as clicking on the advert, it also varies with the new system of YouTube Red, it’s not as easy as they make it sound.
Mise-en-scene & Technical codes
Throughout the game there was constantly the gaming music in the background being played, I liked this feature a lot it was like the sense of you never left the game. I also liked that each character had their own little friends to follow them through the levels and take a bullet (barrel/any other villain it may be) for them. One thing I did notice was when you start a level and you choose the difficulty it goes from easy then straight to hard and REAL HARD then possibly duck mode and pug mode-I still need to find a tutorial of how to get those modes without me trying every button or somehow winning a bro level for nothing. Anyway, everything was done up to high standard, Outerminds have really outdone themselves with making this game. Even though it’s particularly over the time this game came out I still find myself going back to it trying to complete levels on bro mode. No one can tell me it’s no longer Halloween, I’m keeping them in Halloween costumes until the end of time- or if it somehow turns into flappy bird and the creator deletes the game- which is very unlikely but who knows? I can only hope there are extra parts for Christmas being added too.
If you try and do levels more than once you always notice something you didn’t see the last, you can really tell Outerminds worked hard on this game for bros to enjoy Felix (or his friends) in a new platform, out of YouTube, on your phone. There are many, and I mean MANY ducks whether obvious or hidden on this game to mix with Felix’s YouTube identity of a duck posing as a human. (Only bros would understand this reference).
The voices were really great quality almost as if, if you closed your eyes you could imagine the characters in your room, you could hear them clearly and there was even the second option of subtitles. You follow Felix’s story of defeating the barrels whether that’s playing as the star himself or his friends, following them on this journey where it builds up to bosses and then there’s the ultra boss to finish with. The flow of the storyline really works; you get so hooked on the story that if there were energy you needed for each level you would buy the heck (pardon my language) outta that just to find out what happens next. What friend will you find next? How more unlikely is going to get that I won’t complete a level on Bro mode?
Overall opinion, I really love the concept of the game, I love that you don’t HAVE to play as the duck- I mean Felix for every level or certain ones and the choice really is up to you, whether to play all all as easy mode or harder, what path to choose, to save up coins or to spend them all straight away, this list is endless but I will summarise this with: is this game worth price? I would say (drum roll) yes, I mean we are already able to watch almost (not including YouTube Red) all of Felix’ (and others) content FOR FREE on YouTube which they use all their own time to film, edit and upload for us. Trust me it’s not as easy as it sounds, especially when it’s daily, yes that means a video or two or more are uploaded on THE SAME DAY. There are some which even upload up to ten a day so these people really do work hard for what little praise and money in return they actually receive back. Felix is asking for £4 on this one app which could honestly be more with what it provides but to me, this is cheap for what the game offers. I mean instead of wasting that fiver on a magazine you probably will only read once why not spend it on a game you’ll spend the rest of your life trying to complete in all modes of each level.
These people have been making content FOR US to keep US entertained, happy, smiling and laughing, they succeed in all this and the one moment Felix asks for £4 FOR EXTRA WORK HE HAS DONE FOR US, he received people questioning why isn’t it free? This, my friends, is why it wasn’t free. It was extra work alongside what he and many others already do with their content. They didn’t even have to do in the first place and he could’ve easily stuck to YouTube but he made the effort to go out of his way to make this game for us, for me he has succeeded. I can’t force you to buy the game but do take into consideration that this was something Felix and Outerminds went out of their ways to create.

Stars of this game, the first have to be the makers otherwise there wouldn’t be a game, or there would be a crap one without them, all characters playing as themselves (almost longest title in existence)

Outermind –
Felix (duck- Pewdiepie) – 
Marzia (Cutiepiemarzia) – (Markiplier) –
Ken (Cinnamontoastken) –
Jack (Sean / Jacksepticeye) –
Cry (Cryaotic) –
There are many more which are featured in the credits of this game which would be a VERY LONG list but if you scream at me to add them here I will.
Download the game for £3.99
on itunes:
Google play:
Have fun playing!

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