Sunday, September 4, 2016

"Louise Live" {03/09/16} Review [some spoilers!]

So this won't be organised if that's what you were hoping for, soz {sorry}. The trains just weren't great on the day I went so I was late by like 15 mins because of part closures. Great timing.

Was it worth the money?

Of course I'm going to say yes but I still wish there was more to it with merchandise wise {it was just a poster and a tote bag, where were the books?} and that we didn't have to queue just to say hi. I just remember seeing clips of the last Louise Live where it was all done as a group and yes don't get me wrong it's nice for everyone to have their own time to say their things but then they go straight to the show after they're done, even though it was in a bar. It just seems like a bit of a missed opportunity to talk with us all and just hang out but I guess that is pretty difficult when quite a few people in one room.

Would you go again?
Hell yeah, I asked if she had caught up with OUAT {Once Upon A Time} and she said she hadn't but in the next show she'll call me out then for it, but idk {I don't know} when that is since it was the last show, for now I'm guessing. But even then there will be a few shows before mine comes up again so good luck in memory department when so many others.

Was it funny?
Yes, it was hilarious, I found myself genuinely laughing quite a few times throughout it, I loved the moments where you could tell she was paraphrasing so it wasn't just script-work. There was even this bit where the lights and a disco ball went off when she was in the middle of talking about bins and she acknowledged it with "UH, can we go back to the normal lights please? I was trying to tell a story," someone even shouted that they were being blinded by the disco-ball, I was too.

Anything you think could be improved with the show?
Maybe one thing extra actually, it was like you could tell the chairs were just pulled out the back. Which I've been to the place before and seen it without chairs so I know they probably were but they were just placed so close together, it was an obstacle course if you wanted to get out during intermission. I could feel mine moving by itself, like it just wasn't steady. Alongside the little merchandise and not what I expected the VIP room to be like when it was literally held in the bar area.

What would you rate the show?
9.8/10 {the .2 left being the two things that could've been better}. Ok I'll change it to 10 on Darcy's behalf, she's just so adorable, I wanted to squish her, I didn't. But I know now I'll be that grandmother who squeezes their grandchildren's' cheeks.

I think I've basically summed it all up so all in all, it was a lovely show. I think I even cry laughed a bit in the intermission, or my hay-fever was acting up again.
Video version of this.

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