Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Rose & Rosie Exposed London | Review

I'm not sure how to start off this review considering I started off this day quite bad mentally. Don't worry I'm good now.
Ok off to the review, I had been to this venue over four times or so, no problem of finding it this time; the only thing I started worrying about was when I got there, pretty much everyone seemed to be coupled up. At first I thought this was cute and adorable but then I was surrounded by them... This never normally got to me since it was my dream to go to concerts alone, so my mum wouldn't have to put up with what I liked but she so obviously didn't, I noticed this when I took her along to a Vamps concert and she was just sitting there awkwardly, on Facebook.
There was a slight delay on us being let inside, as well as when the show was starting which did add to another worry of mine that the event might be called off last minute; but I gently pushed it aside by thinking it was just some VIPs taking their time with saying their hello's (take your time).
A thing I noticed about this event was there were quite a few videos to watch in the show, what I mean by this is: the other YouTube sort of tours I've been to only had the intro video and then that was it, the rest of the show was just them. That's not to say anything was wrong with that, however with where I was sitting (middle row on the bottom), it was hard to hear almost all of the speech said in those, so once the crowd was laughing at a straight joke they just said, I was either pretending to laugh along or squint and stare, trying to make sense of the little murmurs I was hearing. Though it was quite easy to cheer along when they kissed on stage. Maybe I'm just turning into my Nan who likes subtitles to be there, just in case.
On with the show, I guess with me feeling bad mentally made me set this show as really high expectations, which nothing but Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 could've hit. The show was still great, there was quite a bit of audience interaction (only if you wanted to go on stage), which I found quite nice. They even included the higher level, not just the people in standing so everyone got a feel of the show. Not sure how much of the show I can spoil since there has been little hints that they might take it international but who knows? Anyway, on with the questions.

1. Was it worth the money, how much were the tix?
Well normal was £29 and VIP was £65, I remember because the first lot of tickets sent out said the VIP price instead of normal. They said in email that those tickets wouldn't get us in at all, so I waited patiently for reprints. After seeing how cheap Hannah Witton's tickets were, I think it was a little much. Though gotta give them credit they were still doing quite well when it was their last night and they must've been quite tired. 

2. Would you go again?
If I had friends to go with this time, and I got good seats so I would be able to hear those videos clearly sure.

3. Was it funny?
As funny as their videos, which is quite hilarious.

4. Anything you think could be improved with the show?
Just what I've said before with the sound quality or subtitles would be great. I guess to some extent it did feel weird with this show, because with the other ones they had a book to promote or something to base it around but this one seemed a little without purpose.

5. What would you rate the show?

+ Rose
+ Rosie
+ Merch

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