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quick selfie (me, Alina & Becca)
 Hi, long time no see; let's get back to this by starting off with a review, since it's all I do on this blog so I must be this narcissistic person who loves sharing my opinion about almost everything. Don't worry, I was joking, mostly. Anyway, I went to Hannah's London show (the first one) and I made some new friends. I was originally going to go alone but then I was curious to see who was also going alone, so I did a quick Twitter search and found these two: Alina & Becca. We met up before the show to have some lunch, then I relied on them for finding the place (since I have a great sense of direction). So once we got there, we weren't sure whether to expect a long queue or just 3 people, it was the latter but it was around 6:20pm, this was just after the VIP had been called in so it made sense. As we lined up, the queue started forming, so no more worries on whether we were waiting outside the wrong place, and we could start feeling pretty special to be some of the first few to go in (after the VIP).

Before we start on the show I would just like to note that there wasn't anyone screaming, it was just a calm, peaceful, gentle community of people in the same room to see two people. I'm not exactly fond of those who scream at the littlest of things so I loved this. Once the show begun, I had to creep my head around this girl (who I later found out had the same name as me, idk on spelling) to see properly, thankfully this only lasted for the first two bits. I wasn't sure what to expect with this show, no one was and Hannah herself even admitted to knowing that, then thanking us for buying tickets to something we had no clue about. To sum it up, Lucy was eating Doritos whilst we talked about sex.
creds to Alina for this pic
look how aesthetically pleasing this lighting is

I don't want to delve into too many spoilers, mostly in fear Hannah might come after me and say I'm not allowed to do that, incase future shows do happen. But I can't not mention this moment where (from right to left) Becca and another member of the crowd raced to put a condom on a banana.
They were even offered lube "just incase".

During the interval, we were told to give in slips which were these small dating profiles in hope we'd be paired up with someone by the end of the night, picked out by Cupid Lucy. I went to go use half of my change (I have a lot of change in 20ps) on a copy of the book, whilst practising maths skills with the merch seller. Only to find out at the end of the show that there was a cash machine outside I could use, so I used it at the end of the night to get a t-shirt.
As the night came to an end, even though we all didn't want it to, it was getting around 10pm so some of us had to hop on the last train before parents started worrying. Some of us also had to notice the crushed Tuc biscuits in their bag sometime, luckily I had tissues. Good thing I was with two new friends that still helped guide me the way home, that makes it sound like I was drunk...there was a very funny live drunk advice episode in the show, but I'm just the non-drinker that gets lost quite easily.

So yeah this is mostly it, hopefully that still leaves a lot of wonder for this show and not me getting sued. Here's some last Q&A's:

1. Was it worth the money, how much were tix?
Normal/standing tix were £14, it matches with the age restriction actually (14+, 14 and 15's had to be accompanied by adults). Considering most shows are £30 and up, Ed Sheeran's being at £60 and more, I would say £14 for standing is quite a bargain for a show with a lot of laughs. I can't remember the cost of VIP but I think it was around £60 to meet both Hannah & Lucy with some free merch; early access; signed books, and these cool VIP lanyards.

2. Would you go again?
In a heartbeat I would, and this time I would put my hand up more for audience interaction since I'm usually quite shy as everyone calls it, but looking deeper into it; it's mild selective mutism (look it up). My mind was ironically saying "why not do it, since the show is called DOING IT!?" 

3. Was it funny?

Hilarious, there were a few sexual innuendos so be prepared for those...

4. Anything you think could be improved with the show?
Uh, can't think of much actually, it did feel quite short but then again, all shows do when the moment's finished. I even asked Alina & Becca, we all just agreed it was too short. Maybe more selected couples by Cupid Lucy? Not sure if it was at every show but at the London show; it felt a little last minute like ooo gotta squeeze one in then boom we're done.

5. What would you rate the show?
10/10 since who couldn't rate it that when the live drunk advice was everything.

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