Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Return of the never updated blog...

Hello. I know I haven't uploaded any blogs here for like the longest time but I've been busy...really rach have you? Okay that's halfly lying but I actually have with well, college is the more reasonable excuse as youtube can be joined with blogging. OKAY IM GOING TO STOP TRYING TO MAKE EXCUSES SINCE I HAVE NONE. ANYWAY, let's get to the actual writing.

So, because I've been away for so long, there have been quite a few events; concerts, things I could easily write the experience I had of these things that the vlog wouldn't be able to show, as well as show some of the photography I picked up. If you start seeing a load of spam posts from here on, this would be the reason why: I need to update this blog, use it for its blogging purpose which is to show what I didn't record on camera. I'm sitting here on my laptop, listening to my tumblr playlist; whilst trying to think of exciting things to type and I have nothing.

I'm forgetting where I was going with this post, so to sum up: I have a spam few of posts coming that any remaining blog followers have missed out if you've not been following my youtube which I apologise to keep mentioning, it's just where I (video)blog my life and have been doing without my actual blog site. To get promo out of way, my youtube is here:, which has spoilers of what the next couple of posts will be about.

I'm going to leave this here before I waffle any more and waste more time for this post just announcing I am going to try to update this blog now. Hope you've had/are having a great day. I'll be here writing more blog posts. Signing off, thanks for reading whatever this was, best wishes. xo

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