Monday, July 21, 2014


Hey, Rachael here and for a while now, I've wanted to start a blog but you know those feelings of what if's, such as: 'oh but what if friends find out', 'what if this isn't for me?', it goes on.
Well I'm not listening to those anymore and instead I'm trusting a feeling in my gut which tells me it wants to blog. Crazy, I know. Maybe you'd assume that with the username I picked for my blog too, well if you expected that, there it is.
Just as a note, my computer has had faulty wifi twice today, both when I was starting off this blog. I don't know if that's fate telling me not to blog or if it's just a coincidence. But I'm not listening to my laptop's opinion either.

To start off this blog, I think an introduction is needed as I assume readers would like to know at least a little about the writer.#

First name: Rachael
Nickname(s): Rach, Liz, Lizzy.
Middle name: Elizabeth
Age: 17
Birthday: 10th December
Height: 5'4
Hair colour: Dirty blonde (which is a dark shade of blonde, it used to be very light but it's hard to maintain, just look online and blonde is the hardest kind of hair to keep light...Yeah I done research on my own hair, haven't you?)
Eye colour: Blue
Where I live: Essex, UK
Job: This is a hobby, so is youtube, sorry no job for me.Relationship status: Single (so don't worry, the only mushy stuff you may receive from me would be for friends or possibly family, and I won't be bragging about how wonderful a guy is...okay maybe on hot guys, but they're expected and beg for attention. I mean why else would they be so good looking?

Picture of self:
(I know, just stop posing, well I posed and this pic was taken so...sorry? all writers have a picture of them self at the end of a book/inside back page and I'm aware that a writer and blogger are two different things but they are pretty similar, they both write about things, so technically a blogger is also a writer, okay?).
Outfit in pic: Purple flower headband: Asos
Blue top: Select (one of my favourite tops and from my favourite store, it says "BE in Love, LIVE your life, NEVER FORGET, STAND out, forever & always.....") *claps*
Denim (sleeveless) jacket: Primark

Anyway, I think this is it for this post, so I'll see you on my next one (well technically I won't, I mean I'm not that weird guy who used the front camera in that female version of Tom cat game/app thing in the app store). But I did enjoy typing this up, so hopefully I will be blogging again soon and maybe someone will read it? I don't know. What I do know is; that I've done something my gut was telling me was for me and that fear of others opinions? Gone. Out of mind.
I'll leave on that note and ask this: is waffling okay in blogs? I feel like if you don't do TOO much of it, it should be okay, 'cause I've done this already and I normally do it as a cheeky way to escape essays but still write a lot...Also, should there be a specific time and date I upload a new blog or shall I just write whenever? 'Cause there's problems either way with those which is; either I run out of inspiration and miss a date and I'm considered dead from no uploads or pressure of how much time I have to upload it or just pressure in general.
Thanks for sticking around and reading whatever this was.
ttfn xoxo 

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